Child Rights in Action 2020: The Programme



Together time: 

Together times are plenary sessions, where all the participants come together in a common platform, get to know each other and collaborate. During the together times, we invite guests from NGOs and Government representatives who hail the sessions with their key message to the participants.

Nest groups: 

The nest groups’ sessions are where the participants are divided into smaller group.  All the nest group sessions focused on the aspects of Child Rights and are the same for all. The main purpose of the community groups was to facilitate participation that the groups are kept small. Each nest group was co-led by one adult and one child/young child and was course parallel. 


Advocados are nest groups of young people under the age of 11. It’s important to acknowledge and hear opinions of children of all ages.


The workshops are on the topics related to the theme of the forum. The topics provide in depth information over the course of the event. All the workshops are designed for all ages and all segment of the people. In most of the workshops the sessions are co-led and co-facilitate by children.  All the workshops are interactive and activity based rather than top down pedagogy.

Study Visit: 

Study visits are exposure visits to local organizations who work in the field congruent to the theme chosen. The experience goes beyond the concept of classroom learning where the participants are able to see it and participate physically and promote hand on learning.

Advocacy time: 

Advocacy times is where we go to a location where we advocate and campaign for the issues related to the theme chosen.

Open space: 

Open space gives participants an opportunity to take over the forum and present their projects, stories and workshops.

Being time: 

The morning sessions are a get-together time for the participants with the nature before they start their busy schedules. All the morning sessions were designed for all ages.

Evening program: 

Evening sessions is the time where participants could get rid of their busy day schedule and relish to get-together through music, dance, cultural and jam sessions


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