Child Rights in Action 2019: The Programme









This summer event is coming fast! Our team prepared you a tailored programme so every participant understand the theme "Children as Human Rights Defenders" and become a member of this community. 




Here are the details of the activities: 


Being Time: For the early birds of the participants, before starting the day we offer to share a moment of relaxation and reflection. Open for all ages and physical shape we will enjoy this moment of calm before the activities of the day.

Nest Groups: Once a day participants will be in group in order to prepare the theme of the day (unpacking Human Rights Defenders, the barriers, overcoming them, etc.), exchange their experiences and stories, bond over funnier activities. It’s during that time a true community spirit arise and bonds are created.

Advocados: Because we want everyone to enjoy the experience to its full extent, children under 10 will have their own special programme. They will explore the theme, same as the adults, but through child friendly games and activities meant to raise their awareness and their sense of friendship and community.

Open Space: During the whole afternoon children and adults will take the helm. They will have the opportunity to offer to everyone a discussion, a workshop, an activity or even a meeting to launch a project with someone they met.

Project Sharing: Children are Human Rights Defenders, they have projects and ideas and the Project Sharing will be the time for them to present them. The other participants will be able to provide advices, solutions to their challenges, links to networks that might interest them...
Come prepare!

Together Times: Either in the morning or in the afternoon all the participants will gather. In connection with what they will have done in the Nest Groups or with the Advocados, they will share an activity together. Some guests will also come on stage to share their journey and their projects.

Workshops: Participants will have the choice between 6 workshops. Each workshop will have 3 sessions that will enable the participants to really deepen their knowledge and skills. The workshops will be on how to create video from your smartphone, education on Human Rights and so much more...

Advocay Time: In partnership with the International Institut for Peace and Human Rights, we will take participants of the forum will lead an action at Mont Saint-Michel with a concert of bells in order to attract the attention of tourists (15,000 visitors from all over the world per day at this period). In groups, they will conduct a short public survey to raise awareness of the importance of defending the Rights of the Child in building peace. To show their support tourists will be invited to take symbolic pictures and to share them on social networks in order to promote Children’s Rights. The Advocacy Time will end with a triple action: by air (dove release), by sea (floating lanterns) and by foot (backpack gift) as a symbol of the beginning of the 90 Days Challenge the participants can take part in.

Defenders, are you ready ? 


 Child Rights in Action 2019