Lundi, août 17, 2020

Activity 6: Breaking free.


We are almost coming to an end with our story. As you remember, our little bird was thinking on how to get out of the cage... 

With time, efforts and patience, our baby bird acquired the tools, the skills and competences to break free of her cage. She now has the knowledge and the power to fly by herself.

(thanks to Yinglun for animating in stop motion the metaphor)

Like our little bird we have build with you knowledge and skills to help you be the best advocate you can be. We've learned about girls rights and challenges, we've build together a survey to be spread... It is now time to "go out there" and act!

Here is the link to the survey you created:

Now we need you to be an reporter, an advocate and raise awareness about gender issues. 

Use this survey to collect data about the topic, send it to your family, your friends, your neighbours, your teachers, your community... If you cannot send it you can do it over the phone or in person (as long as you're are keeping safe!!!)


What did we learn ? 

Thanks to our reporter for a day, we were able to gather data about gender issues from Nepal, Cameroun, Nigera, France...  

For the people asked, the discriminations girls and women are suffering are most likely related to work opportunities and education. That extend to unequal salary, share of household work but also bad education when it comes to menstruation. Those issues take their roots in the deeply prejudiced society in which we live in that view woman as weak and put them through discrimination (are most mentionned education and work opportunities) and violence (are most mentionned harrassment and child marriage).  

To rectify the situation the participants suggested that girls should have the same oppotunities in work and education,, that girls and woman must be empowered and that, above all, there must be a change in the way society sees girls and woman, a change of paradigm, a change in mentality and traditions. 

ATTENTION: because this is a big step for you, we are giving your AN ENTIRE MONTH to do send it to as much people as you can! The next activity will therefore be in September!

We hope this activity will inspire you as much as the previous ones did. You can find and still participate to the others activities.