Mardi, juillet 21, 2020

Activity 5: Caged.


The challenges girls face can be felt like cages.  

The wind, the rain, the lightning make our baby bird fall... All those hardship made her trapped into a cage. 
But how will she get out of it?

(thanks to Yinglun for animating in stop motion the metaphor)


Being caged, trapped means having time for reflexion, trying to find your way out. This is what we will ask of you this time. 



What have we learned?

Thank you for submitting your questions to create our survey for our reporters! 

Thanking  all of you who participated in contributing questions for the next stage which will start now  as reporters

The most popular questions were “what” questions.

We wish to offer you a choice, chose  one  that you wish to ask in your reporting:

  • What do you think is the most common form of discrimination towards girls/women?
  • What would we need to change to treat girls/women the same way boys/men are treated?       
  • What are the major problems in your society related for girls/women?
  • What can we do to ensure that girls/women have the same opportunities as boys/men?  

We look forward to seeing the results which we will make sure are used to raise awareness for gender equality, which is the activty 6.

You can find and still participate to the others activities.