Lundi, juillet 6, 2020

Activity 4: Thunderstorm!

All around the world, despite what they've learn, girls are facing hardship getting to realize their dreams. 

Our baby bird learned so much from the people around her. She learned to spread her wing, to dream and big and not to every hesitate to fly. She is a powerful bird and the world will see this once she's high in the sky. 
Unfortunately the sky is not cooperative. Grey, threatening, scary... Soon the thunder rumble and lightnings streak across the sky.   


(Thanks to Yinglun for the animation of the metaphor)

Like our little bird, girls face challenges due to their gender.

Write a challenge that girls in your country are facing. 

You can use the google form if it's easier, or draw the lightning, paint them, or just write a text, feel free to express yourself the way you want.


How to participate:

  • You can add text on the template and post it in stories and tag us childrighsinaction and/or #CRIAOnline4 or send in in our DMs (Facebook or Instagram)
  • You can create it the way you want (picture, drawing, painting, video, text...) and send it on our Facebook group or Instagram (or in our DMs) or by email to

What have we learned?

This activity has confirmed that girls face many difficulties related to their gender and it’s evident that it is a universal problem.

The challenges are different depending on the region (sex selective abortion for India and trafficking for asian country (Nepal and India)), however they are all potentially harmful to the well-being of girls, the respect of their rights, and their futures.

We can see globally sexual abuse, gender based violence, and harassment are very representative of these difficulties faced by girls. We must work together to ensure the respect, dignity and safety of girls are respected by all.

CRIA is committed to advocating and striving for a fair and just outcome for all children. That children’s rights are respected by all whatever the gender. CRIA wants to work with children towards building a gender inclusive society, to empower children so they can exercise their rights in a safe and nurturing environment. We will do our best to empower and enable child advocates to achieve this vital goal.


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