Lundi, juin 8, 2020

Activity 2: A baby bird is born!


As you know, the theme is "Children Beyond Gender" to create a link with our forum in Asia. To embody it, we chose to tell the story of baby bird; from her birth to the moment she will fly freely, through the hardship she will face go through to get there.

Our baby bird is in her egg. She is safe, protected by her shell. But now it is time for her to crack it, gently, and slowly, to hatch. From the safety of the nest built by Mama Bird, she looks at the world. So many things to see, taste, feel, smell, discover, learn. So many challenges too. 

(Credit video: Yinglun @UCL Digital Media Education MA student)


We recieved 22 contributions, from 8 countries, for our second activity! 


What did we learn ?

In this phase we saw many messages of hope and positive aspirations for the future of girls - that they have bright, healthy and supportive environments and develop into strong and empowered women. 

The importance of the good and loving provisions of family, safety and basic rights were key to all of the contributions. 

However, we must bear in mind, that unfortunately in many parts of the world the birth of a girl child is not welcomed.
Right from her arrival, she faces discrimination and subjected to oppression at every stage of life. When it comes to growth opportunities, she is neglected because of her gender.


If you haven't done the second activity you can still participate!

For this second activity, imagine you are this baby bird.

Fill the template (PDF iconenglishPDF iconfrançais, PDF iconहिंदीPDF iconespanol) and tell us: 

- What's her name?
- Where is she from?
- What are her first words to the world?
- What are her needs?
- Who takes care of and loves her ?
- Is she safe?
- What her future looks like?

To do that we encourage you to answer with your own experience (your name, your country, your needs...) or the experience of girls who are close to you, inspire you and to whom you want to pay tribute to.

To participate, you can:
- Post it on your IG/story and tag us @childrighsinaction and/or use #CRIAOnline2
- Post it on our Facebook group
- Send it in our DMs (Facebook or Instagram)
- Send it by


You can still participate to the first activity or just check what others did.