Lundi, mai 25, 2020

CRIA Online: Activity 1


CRIA Online starts now! Every fortnight, starting today, we will give you an activity, to do by yourself, with friends, family, classmates... 


To start nice and easy, here the first activity: What do you see from your window? 


The quarantine forced us to stay inside our houses, but we are all living this situation differently. To illustrate these differences, show us what you see from your window. 

You can paint, draw, take a photo, write a short text, a poem, a song, embroidery... use the medium you want, be creative! 

To go further: explain what does it mean to you?


51 contributions in 2 weeks, from India to Ecuador through Palestine, from age 4 to 70+. CONGRATULATIONS. We received your photos, drawings, painting, collage, we received your words and messages, and we want to thank you for the success of this first activity. 


Direct link to our photo album


What did we learn ?

This first phase, with the incredible diverse contributions of places, ages and contexts demonstrates the common value thread of respect, dignity and freedom. Theses foundational principles are the basis of children’s rights and the values which CRIA is founded on.

A key element which come through many of the images and texts is our relationship to nature, our respect to it  and the freedom it promises us.
We see messages of hope and positivity faced with the difficulties restrictions and some ongoing hardships.

These expressions will now enables us to see how we can apply these to the key issues of child rights and gender equality. In each phase of our online adventure we will move towards building the basis for a worldwide campaign to raise the voice of children so we can pass this on to decision makers and become part of our forum.



To participate you can:
- Post it on your IG/story and tag us @childrighsinaction and/or use #CRIAOnline1
- Post it on our facebook group
- Send it in our DMs (facebook or instagram)
- Send it by email:


And here's the link for the Activity 2 !