CRIA Online

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What is CRIA Online?

This year CRIA Asia was supposed to happen in May, in India. CRIA Online is not a replacement for that forum. The event will take place when it is safe to host it, we hope at the end of this year, or beginning of next year.

CRIA Online is designed to help people "break out" of their isolation. Not in the physical sense, of course. At a time were isolation can be a heavy toll, we want to help people realize that they are not alone. And we will be doing so by promoting what matters most for CRIA: children's rights and participation. 

CRIA Online will be a step by step story base that will be an opportunity leading to co-create campaigns and advocacy for change.

To do so, every fortnight, we will be annoucing on our social networks (facebookinstagram) an activity. Alone, with their family, friends, classmate, children and adults will be able to send their contribution to us via our email ( or by DM (facebookinstagram), or, more directly on our Facebook Group, created for the occasion so people can post, comment, exchange ideas of potential activities, connect.

What will it be about?

We will follow our CRIA Asia theme: "Children Beyond Gender" and use the same metaphor of the bird, as a link toward our future forum. 
You can find more information about the theme and the metaphor on our website.


What are the activities?

Activity 1: What do you see from your window?

Activity 2: A baby bird is born!

Activity 3: Learning how to fly!

Activity 4: Thunderstorm!

Activity 5: Caged.

Activity 6: Breaking free!

Activity 7: Flying High!


CRIA Online Webinars

September 2020: A discussion on gender discrimination

November 2020: Safety First

December 2020: Campaign and project