Vendredi, septembre 20, 2019

First Core meeting for CRIA Asia 2020


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Initiatives of Change France, with PRATYeK and Caritas India, organised a 5 days Core Team meeting for CRIA Asia 2020 from 5th September 2019 to 9th September 2019 where members from across India, Nepal and France participated and discussed about program and preparation for CRIA 2020. This core team meeting was led by Mr. Jonathan Levy, Founder & Scientific Director of CRIA.

The main agenda of the meeting was to decide the theme, the flow of the program and further plan of action until the event. During the meeting, participants discussed extensively about the issues faced by children across Asia and how CRIA can be a medium in creating a safer world for children.

During the first day the participants got to know each other and exchanges about their expectations and worries. The second day was more focused on the DNA of Child Rights in Action, its values, the team, what happened during the summer with the first edition of the International Forum. Were also discussed the challenges children in Asia are facing, amongst them child abuse, discrimination or violence against girl child. This helped shaped the debate the next day to find the theme: Girl Child and Gender. The next two days were dedicated to find a metaphor and a red thread to go through the theme and to have a detailed programme and the activities. This was presented by the children the day after to potential funders and investors who had the opportunity to discuss further with the partners.

In conclusion, these 5 days were productive and the set agenda was achieved if not more. Child participation is one of the important core of CRIA and we ensured that this core team meeting demonstrated that. The theme chose for the next forum – Girl child and gender are relevant to most of the Asian countries and some concrete and interesting work can be done under this theme.