Jeudi, février 20, 2020

Child Right in Action: Core Team Meeting in Delhi 


Last month, in Delhi, the Core Team came together for their last meeting before the forum. It was a time of bonding between the 20 members presents, but also a time of preparation, a chance to set everyone on the same page before the final sprint.  


A theme of importance 

The first day was dedicated to welcoming everyone, setting an intention for the coming days and diving into the subject. It enabled Jonathan (program director) and Aditi (coordinator) to share their research on the theme of the forum and to detail the approach through the girl child, what problems they were facing and why it was critical to talk about it. It was also the occasion to remind that “achieve gender equality and empower all women and girl” is the Sustainable Developpement Goal 5 (SDG n°5), and that the forum would give the opportunity to make the connection with it thanks to the 90 days challenge that will revolve around it.  

Video about the value of girl child. 

Video about the importance of addressing the problem of girl child.  


It’s the need of the hour we raise awareness on the issues faced by girl child

Parinay, 16. 



A programme steadily in construction 

During the next two days, the programme was the focus of the group. Everyone had been teamed up, prior the meeting, children mixed with adults, to work on one element of the program. They presented the result of their collaboration in front of the team. The latter then helped those who needed it to complete their work, find activities to do during the nest groups, the advocados or the Together Times. They debated where the participants should be taken to for the advocacy time and the study visit and decided of the theme of the workshops.  

From 10 possibilities, they’ve downed it to 6. If the title and content is still to be refined, the global thematic will be the following:  

  • Gender justice and rights 

  • Gender and education 

  • Queer politics 

  • Gender and sexual reproduction and health rights 

  • Gender based violence 

  • Media and gender 



Meeting the stakeholders 

The last two days were particularly important as they were meant to prepare and present CRIA in front of stakeholders. During an entire day, the children worked hard to prepare their bits and rehearse in order to be ready on the final day.  

The meeting was meant to introduce CRIA, its theme for the year, explaining children-adult collaboration and finding partnership opportunities. The meeting wasn’t just for adults; indeed, the children had a role of their own since they presented every component of the programme to the stakeholders, embodying what they explained, personifying adults and children collaboration.