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Our international forum gives children a voice so they can be actors and take a part in the necessary changes of our society. Child Rights in Action promotes children-adults collaboration by nurturing the idea and the tools of “DOING WITH” rather than “doing for” the children.


A voice not enough heard


Children and young people, almost a third of the population (sometimes half of some of the poorest countries) are not listened to, are not consulted even though they are the most fragile.

Participation is a fundamental human right for children and young people. Moreover, it is one of the pillars of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child (UNCRC articles 12-15 and 17).

In reality, it is not common for children to have the opportunity to express themselves on topics that concern them and that are close to their heart. Yet, children have the resources, the knowledge and the ideas to answer better the present challenges.

The international forum Child Rights in Action is a unique collaborative experience between children and adults acting together to ensure the respect of every fundamental right, in order to build a fairer society.


The approach of Child Rights in Action



Child Rights in Action’s program is mainly built around the annual International Forum. During a week children, young people and adults from all around the world gather to exchange, work, question and think about the topic of Children’s Rights in a collective and inclusive way.


It is a question of building the foundation for a culture of children’s participation and more specifically to:

  • Promote children’s participation in their day-to-day environment: inspire, equip;
  • Guide adults and structures related to childhood so they understand the value of this participation and to train them so they can make it more effective;
  • Promote cross-sectoral partnerships;
  • Be recognized as an international model of children’s participation (laboratory).


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